Broken System?

I’m sure I’m not the only one getting fed up with politics in Australia today.

Usually I wouldn’t pay much attention to politicians, it’s not a huge interest of mine. But what I’ve been seeing lately has been getting more and more disturbing to me. I’ve always felt like both parties are basically as bad as each other, but in a lot of ways it seems like each is coming closer and closer to the same thing and really only differentiating by semantics and really irrelevant topics.

An example that I saw last night was a Liberal talking about the National Broadband Network, and the argument was, they agreed with Labor that there should be one, their point of difference was just the type of substances that should be used to set the network up.


We need something to disagree with Labor about…. that’ll do..

But the more disturbing thing is the complete disregard by both political parties to the needs and wishes of ordinary Australian’s.

While everyone else is getting by with incomes that barely cover the rising cost of living, and a job market that’s rapidly disappearing. The politician’s continue to take more money out of our taxes to increase their own wages. I never agreed to that. I don’t recall ever deciding to raise my own wage. Why should politician’s be allowed to decide how much they get paid? Especially for working six months of the year!

Gay marriage is another contentious topic globally, and we are falling behind on the world stage with many countries beginning to pass laws allowing this community to marry. So, why aren’t we looking at our laws? I heard a top politician (and yes, I’m purposefully avoiding naming specific members of parliament) responding to the question of why a topic like this hasn’t been sent to a referendum. Which, honestly, seems like the most logical step to me. Voters know what they believe. And, as an aside, I strongly believe that more people would vote for legalizing gay marriage than against it in this day and age. But even if they didn’t, it would be a clear indication of the Australian mindset, and that is the most valid way to decide on Federal action. The response I heard, was that they didn’t want to run a referendum because they wouldn’t want Australian’s to vote against it….


Are you trying to say that the public is too stupid to know what they want? Or are you trying to imply that you would do something to change the law, but couldn’t if it was voted against? Because it certainly doesn’t seem like anyone in Parliament is pushing for this issue to be resolved. At least with a referendum some kind of action could be taken.

Personally, I think that neither party wants to risk their votes by taking conclusive action here. And how sad is that.

We’ve already had a hung parliament with the last election. And I doubt that anyone feels any more strongly about either party now than they did then. Maybe it’s time the public made it clear how dissatisfied they are and boycott the Federal Election. I’m sure that would send a strong message to our leaders that they need to change their game.